Oren Halmut


   Oren started his musical endeavor at the young age of 9 in Tel-Aviv. After playing and recording with numerous artists in his home town, he relocated to California in early 2000. Since then, he has been a prominent musical figure in Los Angeles , across the west coast and across the nation.

Oren owns H2O studios in North Hollywood CA where he works as a producer, drummer and guitar player. depending on the needs of each individual project.

The projects he is involved in range from Pop Rock to an intense orchestra production that he arranged for a unique project, called Classical Rock. Also in 2013 Oren did a modern arrangment for the classic song "summertime" together with Addey Lane a singer he is producing and playing guitar with on the road, "summertime" was featured on a "Stand up to cancer" benefit album.

He has toured and played shows around the country with acts like Knaan, Patrick Vega, Melly Marie, Kanvas, Sunlight Orchestra, Addey Lane , Classical Rock.

Oren currently lives in Los Angeles and is endorsed by Vater drumsticks, Dean Markley Guitar Strings and Moody guitar straps.

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